Gathering rain clouds: the running currents of revival 
Pastor Emmanuel Eze reflects on South-East Prayer Mission’s recent joint mission weeks with Korean prayer missionaries 

August 2015

When the clouds gather, rain is inevitably expected. Where a stream runs, currents are inevitably present. When God’s people gather and unite, the blessings of revival are sure and certain. While these statements are self-evident and intrinsically true, they don't always seem to be so: the clouds can gather and rain doesn't seem to fall, the streams can run, but we don't always see the currents, God’s people can gather and nothing seems to be happening.
As a regional representative of the National Day of Prayer and Worship (NDOPW), I attended the launch of the Joining the Dots 2014 tour at the Houses of Parliament in February 2014. At the launch, Pastor Jonathan Oloyede announced that 1,000 South Korean missionaries were coming to the UK. At the end of the evening, he brought me and the facilitator of the Korean UK Mission, Pastor Namjin Kim, together, and somewhat prophetically declared: “You both need to connect”.  That was the moment when I saw the rain behind the clouds and the powerful currents underneath the waters.

South-East Prayer Mission (SEPM), facilitated by Cross+Borough Initiative and driven by many churches across the south east region, is inspired by NDOPW and functions as a dot-joining initiative. Unity is our primary focus, with our key slogan: “United we are… praying for our nation and for revival.” Since that meeting in February 2014, South-East Prayer Mission has helped facilitate and host three Korean prayer missions – usually as part of our week of mission. These have involved three key elements: outreach and prayer walks, joint prayer and worship services (South-East Churches United) and overnight prayer and vigils.
We have seen an increasing number of churches coming to understand that unity is not a programme or an event, where we gather for a show and then scatter again, but an ongoing process of regular, consistent working together, praying together and fellowshipping together as one family under God.

The Korean prayer missionaries were involved in praying over Bromley High Street and blessing the whole borough. That same week, the Healing on the Streets team on Bromley High Street had one of the most fruitful times they've ever seen, with people consistently open, ready to receive prayer and have Jesus-centred conversations. Muslims, Hindus and seekers were all keen to be prayed for and hear about Jesus, and one lady joyfully received the Holy Spirit. The team really felt that the spiritual atmosphere over the high street was completely open that day, following the prayers of the Korean missionaries and local churches.
At the very heart of the unity work of South-East Prayer Mission and the Cross+Borough Initiative is Zephaniah 3:9-13, which assures us that God is in charge, at the centre and will gather His people from beyond the Ethiopian rivers to unite them. He has promised to turn things around and to send revival. Across the nations, God’s people appear to be subconsciously and yet spontaneously responding to this gathering. Yet, with all the gatherings, it can seem that nothing is happening. And many of us can wonder why.
Responding to this biblical imagery of God gathering His people from beyond the Ethiopian River, South-East Prayer Mission recently held a prayer walk along the River Ravensbourne; right from where it takes its head in Keston, Kent.
As we stood and prayed at the river head the water was so still – not even a single ripple. And I wondered if that was really the river head. However, as we continued to pray and circle the head, I lifted my gaze and I saw a vast expanse of water; one that runs all the way across the south east. In much the same way, we have learnt that even when we don't – or can’t – see, something is happening nonetheless. Even if we don’t see or understand the process, we will see, feel and know the impact – the vision will speak for itself.
The impact of the Korean missionaries on the UK Church, and the results of all our efforts at unity, may not be seen or known, and even what is seen and known may be too difficult to articulate in words. But may we be inspired and encouraged by these testimonies that came out of our recent South-East Prayer Mission week with the South Korean prayer missionaries.



Wednesday 01/07/15

What an explosive week of Prayer Mission (22-30 June 2015)! Throughout the week God spoke volumes through young people. And out of the mouth of babes and sucklings....
As the Koreans prepare to depart our shores tomorrow; the most profound statement from the youngest of the team (17 years old) must resonate with us: "We will be going home; but it's up to you to keep praying".
Indeed God has truly ordained strength and perfected His praise through the mouth of babes and sucklings! I therefore urge that we all keep the momentum of prayer going until our next South-East Prayer Mission.
A slightly more detailed (but yet brief) summary report of our South-East Prayer Mission week; as well as schedules of quarterly prayer events to follow asap. Meanwhile enjoy just some photos uploaded to the Photo Gallery...
Yours in His Majesty's Service,
Pastor Emmanuel Eze


Wednesday 24/06/15

In the build up to this long-awaited prayer mission week, all of the churches, pastors and leaders felt God charging us to keep the meetings simple - focusing purely on worship; and He will speak. Not knowing any of this, our Korean Brethren confirmed the fact that God wanted us to hear Him speak! In their first email, they said: "Our team don't have any artistic talent. But we have [the] name of Jesus. We have been praying [for]... England, Bromley and all of you. When we arrive to Bromley, we will pray more then hear."
Now, I have struggled to articulate into words: all that the Lord has already began to do and say right from onset! Many of these were deeply personal encounters. As we sought, first, the Kingdom and as we prayed for others, God spoke into each of our lives! As we had breakfast together at TGL; God spoke! As we walked the streets together in simple obedience - worshiping and praying; God spoke! As we debriefed (with refreshments) at the TAB, God spoke! As we had lunch together at Whitefoot Church; God spoke! As we worshipped and prayed at Greater Faith Ministries tonight and later shared another meal together; God spoke!! He also confirmed these via multiple witnesses!!
I have never struggled so hard to report the events of our meetings, but this is so overwhelming and difficult to put in words. God urges us to pay personal attention throughout this week: He wants to speak not just through us and to those we encounter on this prayer mission; but He also wants to speak to each one of us in deep personal encounters. Will you come and hear the Lord speak!
Many thanks to Bishop Len and all the leaders at Greater Faith Ministries, for setting the tone tonight. We are also grateful for the continual sacrifice and great service on the part of everyone involved. Please pray that God will give us all the grace and strength to go through this week and beyond.
See you tomorrow Thursday (25/06/15) as we repeat this cycle again: prayer walking from Holy Trinity to Brook Lane, night prayers and worship at BLCC and sharing meals together, all through. Download directions here.
Yours in His Majesty's Service,
Pastor Emmanuel Eze

18th June

Our SE Mission Week that was once so far away; is finally here. In just a few days, we shall enter into this long anticipated week of love, friendship, fellowship, bonding, unity and working together for the common goal of advancing God's Kingdom!!
May I cease this opportunity to thank everyone for all the hard work, sacrifice and pure love and selflessness. We've all worked very hard, largely behind the scenes: giving of our time, energy, efforts, contacts, finances, bending over backwards to make not just this mission week a huge success but the whole initiative of doing regular missions together as a United church in the South East region, I am aware that some churches have even gone on a week of fasting and prayer as precursor to our week of mission; and I wish to say a big thank you to all!! I am confident that God who sees and knows will reward us all bountifully and in the open too!
Yes, there may still be a few minor knots to tie but we are largely ready. Let's keep talking and emailing to ensure all the Is are dotted and the Ts crossed. I shall be sending out a wider email shortly, detailing the updated plans for the prayer walks and outreach days. Please look out for that email
I join everyone in looking forward to a great and exciting week, when we anticipate that God will indeed show up and show off!
Yours in His Majesty's Service,
Pastor Emmanuel Eze