• For the church to engage fully with the Prayer Mission, and be inspired to move to a new level in prayer.
  • For greater zeal for His work in the Spirit of willing obedience and greater dependency on the Lord.
  • For the church leaders in the area to be God focused and unified
  • For unity amongst the churches in Lewisham, Greenwich, Bromley, Woolwich, across the South East region and beyond.
  • For functional unity between races in the church
  • That the churches would be significant agents of transformation in our society
  • For financial resource to be released for ministry initiatives as well as favour and divine breakthrough especially in the areas of premises needs and success in youth work initiatives.
  • For anointed Church leaders to rise up, we especially need youth resources and the emergence of the next generation of leaders.
  • For more families with young children to join the church.
  • For more commitment to prayer and more power in prayer.
  • For a powerful and spontaneous release of the Spirit so that those who say 'those things are past' will clearly see the hand of God at work in their churches.
  • For the church to be seen as full of love instead of full of hate.
  • That we would have a heart for the poor.
  • For protection from false prophets and from the devil's attacks.
  • For wisdom in responding to the hardships some local families are facing.


  • For marriages to be strengthened.
  • For healing for sick members.
  • For a revival of youth and of men seeking Christ.
  • For an increased hunger for Gods presence by the saints.
  • For spiritual growth amongst our members with deeper understanding of God's purpose for their life and living.
  • For our young people to not lose sight of God in the midst of all the distractions but to stay focused and right.
  • For our youth they will not feel hopeless and without a future, but will be motivated to succeed in their education and training.
  • For the unemployed in the Church to find work.
  • For bureaucratic obstacles to the development of church buildings to be removed.
  • That church redevelopment projects would be successful.


  • For the Word of God to have freedom in the area to impact every life from every background and that souls would be saved
  • For God to give us good and godly leaders at all levels.
  • For victory over territorial spirits who oppress parts of the Borough.
  • For employment.
  • For families and businesses in the area to prosper.
  • For the schools in the area and that the church will find practical ways to support them.


  • That we can unite following the General Election.
  • That we can be bringers of peace and unity in the world instead of war and division.
  • For release from the shadow of the past (our role in the slave trade, the legacy of imperialism, the deep scars of the first and second world war.
  • That the power of the most high shall be greatly evident during this mission week and beyond!